How the pandemic impacts on convention bureaus

134 European convention bureaus surveyed for new study


A new study by Rob Davidson, MICE Knowledge, focuses on how convention bureaus have experienced the impacts of the pandemic and how they are adapting to the profound changes that the crisis has provoked in how people communicate and collaborate for professional and business-related purposes. A total of 134 convention bureaus from 33 European countries participated in the survey in early 2021.

Among the changes anticipated in the short-term are more preparation for hybrid and other digitalised forms of meetings as well as a focus on local and national markets, instead of international events. In the long run, convention bureaus expect shorter meetings, with fewer in-person participants, and a higher level of attention being paid to wellness, sustainability, and the social legacy of meetings.

All things considered, 76 percent of respondents were optimistic or very optimistic about their future, 24 percent expressed a neutral or quite pessimistic outlook about their future.