"We will listen and learn during the next five months"

Four questions for Carina Bauer

Carina Bauer, CEO IMEX Group. Photo: IMEX Group

Carina Bauer, CEO IMEX Group, about the new IMEX BuzzHub, a deep dialogue with the global events industry and more personal human connections, a monthly content plan and topic areas such as building back better.

Kerstin Wünsch, Chefredakteurin, tw tagungswirtschaft: Between May and September you are planning a series of digital activations for the global business events community leading up to IMEX America in November. How do you motivate event professionals to play an active role?
Carina Bauer: The new IMEX BuzzHub is a concept designed to integrate the ideas, knowledge and needs of our global audience. This starts with the registration process where we will connect with participants not only on a professional but also on a human-centric level. We focus on the human aspect as we believe that – especially in the middle of a pandemic – there´s a gap in our virtual world between connecting and educating our industry on a professional level and the personal needs and demands of professionals who are experiencing everything from job insecurities to loneliness and blurred lines between work and home life. As a part of this community sourced education and networking, we’ll also be asking participants whether they would like to share some knowledge so others can learn from them and we’ll facilitate these connections through our Let’s Talk series that will be launched in the coming weeks.

Martina Neunecker, Head of Communications, GCB: What is the focus of your digital activities with Smyle content-wise? Will there be an education program or something similar?
There will be different types of formats – each carefully designed with a different focus on education, networking, and more personal human connection. These formats will include signature Buzz Days full of expert level educational sessions, round table discussions, , peer-to-peer discussions and also some fun surprises. All driven by a monthly content plan that focuses on the challenges and opportunities within our global industry and beyond. Topic areas will include community, building back better, innovation and the circular economy.

Franziska Dörsching, Manager Social Media & Communications, GCB: IMEX America is scheduled to take place Nov. 9-11, 2021, in Las Vegas. Are you currently planning virtual or hybrid elements as well? If so, in which areas and for which topics?
The IMEX BuzzHub is setting the path for our IMEX America show this year. As it is designed as an organic format that follows the swarm knowledge to flourish – just as a bee hive - and taking strongly into account the wishes and ideas of our audience, we will listen and learn during the next five months through this deep dialogue with our global industry. During this journey we will come to a conclusion whether – and if so how – we will bring hybrid and virtual elements to IMEX America in Las Vegas. As you’d imagine, we are already working on some interesting options. One thing is for sure: if we do something it will be in the very IMEX way, combining a very personal, emotional and dedicated approach with strong content and theme-driven focus.

Christian Funk, Redakteur, tw tagungswirtschaft: While the pandemic situation in the UK is increasingly easing due to rising vaccination rates among the population, the situation in other countries – including Germany – is much more complicated. Assuming the situation would be the same in 2022: Wouldn't you have to consider relocating IMEX Frankfurt?
Whilst we know it is frustrating for our German and European colleagues to be experiencing a slightly slower vaccine roll-out than the UK and USA, we strongly believe that central Europe will catch up fast and expect the majority of the adult population to be offered vaccines by the Autumn 2021. Therefore, we are confident that we will be able to hold IMEX in Frankfurt 2022 and are planning towards this goal.