Response Room: Innovating Business Events

An overview of the platform's first three weeks

Response Room

It has already been four weeks since the GCB German Convention Bureau, PCMA and IMEX have launched their open innovation platform Response Room. The new platform promises a global and interdisciplinary forum which is looking to build a global community of meeting planners, organizers, suppliers, and event participants to jointly develop new solutions and innovative business models. This article will take a look at the platform's developments so far and what can be expected in the coming weeks and months.

The platform boasts different functionalities ranging from innovation challenges to blog entries all the way to an event calendar. Innovation challenges can be considered the Response Room’s heart and soul – it’s where users can collaborate on challenges, questions and problems and develop new solutions through co-creative processes.

At its launch, the platform presented two innovation challenges to the growing Response Room community. The first challenge was submitted by Tanja Knecht (IMEX) and Kerstin Wünsch (tw tagungswirtschaft) who are looking for new ideas to develop a sustainable business model for their “She means business” format and to take it to the next level. The second challenge was presented by PCMA and is asking for an omnichannel event business model that will help drive engagement and networking opportunities. Both challenges have already received excellent feedback and have seen great ideas and discussions. Ideas range from satellite events with local communities, to including the help of NGOs and public organizations, all the way to new AR/VR technologies and virtual glass capsules. Nonetheless, both challenges are still open for new idea submissions and discussions before moving into a voting stage. 

Additionally, the platform is currently running two broader challenges. One of them is a feedback challenge that invites users to share their ideas for improvement with the site’s admins. The other challenge was designed to introduce the platform’s users to one another and create a dialogue outside of the regular innovation challenges. To get the conversation started, the platform’s managers have asked the community to talk about their most memorable and favorite event experiences.

The Response Room has not only seen an increase in challenges, though. Its community has also grown to more than 265 users, new events have been added and the editorial team is working on new blog entries and challenges – and is always happy to receive input from the Response Room community.

One of the upcoming events will be the platform’s kickoff event for the German speaking community. On February 17th, the team behind the platform and their partners at tw tagungswirtschaft will be hosting the event in the GCB German Convention Bureau’s virtual venue to discuss the platform’s functionalities, present a new challenge and answer any questions. Of course, the coming weeks and months will also be filled with new challenges and content. Stay tuned for more.