ExCeL illuminated in red light to support the campaign


On June 22nd, more than 9,000 German event venues and service providers illuminated their buildings and grounds in red light. The campaign was launched by an initiative called Night of Light, which set out to inform the public about the event industry’s hardship amidst the pandemic and to engage in a dialogue with German politicians. Consequently, an alliance called “Alarmstufe Rot” (Red Alert) was launched to further promote the initiative’s concerns.

Of course, the pandemic and its impacts can be felt around the world. That is why the #WeMakeEvents campaign was launched in the UK. It pursues similar goals to Germany’s “Alarmstufe Rot” alliance and aims to be the voice for the UK’s event industry – an industry that counts around 700,000 employees and generates approximately 70bn GBP. One of its biggest players can be found in London: ExCeL. ExCeL has voiced its support for the #WeMakeEvents campaign and, like many other venues, can now be seen illuminated in red light.

ExCeL's Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ma5DGNuQ05E&feature=youtu.be