New devices for corona-compliant live events

Wearable solutions to monitor physical distance

Wearables ermöglichen Abstandsmessung

One of the most important requirements for restarting live events after or with the corona virus is the observance of rules regarding the physical distance between participants. Organizers of business events are looking for new technological solutions to be able to monitor the 1,5-meter distance and control it if necessary. In addition to distance regulation, attendees on site can be allocated specific time slots in order to reduce the total number of attendees in a given period. For these purposes the Dutch company CrowdLED has developed wearable solutions for trade fairs, conferences and events under their new “CrowdSaver” label.

CrowdRanger is a device that can be worn around the neck or put in a pocket. The device provides the wearer visual feedback in the form of light, vibrations, and sound when another device enters the safe circle. For every CrowdRanger the distance is adjustable, according to the government measures per country. The social distance wearable works with ultra-wideband technology and provides precision up to a few centimeters, according to the supplier. The device is available in two versions. The Pro version keeps track of other CrowdRangers that enter the safety circle, making it useful for contact tracing. The Lite version makes no registrations and is completely anonymous. Neither version requires a server or router.

For companies that are working with a maximum number of visitors and time slots, the CrowdTimer can be a friendly way to tell visitors when their time is up. The timer is available as a wristband or lanyard and is handed to the visitors upon arrival. Consequently, an employee sets the time with the remote controller. When the time is up, the wearable turns red, letting the visitor know that their time is up. The aim of the device is to allow visitors to attend fairs with predefined time slots or to improve traffic flow on site.

According to the supplier, CrowdTimer will be available within 14 days. CrowdRanger can be pre-ordered and will be delivered from the end of July 2020. Here the company offers a rental option in addition to the purchase.