“Our ability to evolve will galvanize our relationships”

Interview with Bill McCoy, CEO and founder of Imagine Experience

Interview with Bill McCoy, CEO and founder of Imagine Experience

Bill McCoy is the CEO and founder of Imagine Experience, an American business creating unique experiences for customer loyalty programs, employee performance incentives and client engagement initiatives. He has generously shared some of his organization’s adapted approaches with the eventcrisis-team. He is confident that the crisis will be overcome, but also emphasizes on the fundamental importance of creating and maintaining an efficient organization.

Eventcrisis: Can you share some of the changes you are currently seeing within your organization and network?

Bill McCoy: These unprecedented times are bringing with it an uncertainty of what the “new normal” will look like. How do we keep people engaged when they are being forced to prioritize survival and are focused on the changes they are making? Fortunately, our clients value our ability to create experiences that deliver engaging results and a return on their investments. Of course, we had to adapt to this changing environment, but I am happy to say that we have been working with them to develop new programs and are addressing their changing needs while also making tweaks and reschedules to existing program.

Is there anything specific that your organization is doing differently these days in order to address the challenges we are currently dealing with?

As previously mentioned, we had to adapt to these challenges. One of these adaptations can be found in the virtual experiences we have developed for several of our clients. Additionally, we are working with our clients to strategize on other ways to engage their employees, customers, and clients. The pandemic has brought the need to engage and connect on a personal level to the forefront of the conversation.

Do you have any advice for industry professionals – from planners to suppliers?

We will get through this. It is an unprecedented, global pandemic, but it will not last forever. Therefore, it is important that we stick together, support each other and are ready for the global travel and events industry to bounce back in a big way.

What do you think the industry as a whole could do in order to better plan for unprecedented situations like this one – understanding of course that it IS hard to plan for something unprecedented.

As with other major crises, it is difficult to plan for the unknown. However, it is always good practice to ensure that your organization is an efficient one. Organizations must ensure that they are set up to survive anything – whether it is a challenging client, an event that got cancelled or a pandemic, for that matter.

What would you say are the Top 3 Lessons learned from this?

I would say it is a mix of lessons and reminders. Firstly, these past two months have shown the significance of travel. As a matter of fact, I believe that travel will be even more important once it is safe to do so again. Furthermore, character always shines through during our toughest times. Surely people will take notice of how they were treated throughout the crisis. And lastly, our ability to evolve will galvanize our relationships.