“We are here to help mitigate our clients’ risks and the associated costs”

Interview with Rick Haring, VP for Marketing and Communications at International SOS in the Americas

Foto: Rick Haring, International SOS

Rick Haring, VP for Marketing and Communications at International SOS in the Americas, has spoken with the eventcrisis-team to give insights into his organization’s services and their clients’ primary concerns.

Eventcrisis: Can you give us a brief overview of what International SOS is doing?

Rick Haring: International SOS is in the business of saving lives and protecting global workforces from health and security threats. We deliver customized health & security risk management as well as wellbeing solutions to fuel growth and productivity around the world. In the event of extreme weather, an epidemic or a security incident we will provide an immediate response for our clients. Our innovative technology and medical expertise focus on the prevention of such emergencies by offering real-time actionable and on-the-ground quality insights. By partnering with us, organizations can fulfill their Duty of Care responsibilities while empowering business resilience, continuity, and sustainability.

What are some of the biggest concerns that your clients have at the moment?

Right now, our clients are primarily concerned with the global COVID-19 pandemic. We are addressing their concerns and are helping them navigate through this uncertain time by keeping them up to date on the latest news, information, and travel restrictions. On top of that, we are supporting their return to normal operations and future travels.

How does International SOS support its clients during these testing times?

We are here to help mitigate our clients’ risks and the associated costs. No matter how small of a medical or security issue there is: Our experts are qualified to help. The world is a wildly varied and fast-changing place. When it comes to health and security, every location is different. The same applies to organizations: Their needs and expectations vary greatly. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to employee healthcare or security. Therefore, our approach is consultative. We can help assess the risks associated with every working environment and design appropriate preventive programs – including training, procedures, and policies – to protect our clients and their teams around the world at all times.

What kind of assistance does International SOS provide on the ground?

The true risks in the vastly differing environments around the world can only be assessed by our unrivalled local knowledge and experience gained from our in-country presences. Only through our unique Assistance Center footprint – with 26 located around the globe – is it possible to provide real-time medical and security advice or support. On top of that, our employees speak 99 different languages and dialects, which is essential in making our clients’ feel comfortable regardless of the crises they may be confronted with. Also, every case is managed to full resolution via our single global case management.